Narcotests in full force as from 25.01.2018 in Cyprus

After years of efforts and long discussions the Legislation introducing narcotest in Cyprus has finally came into force on 25.01.2018.

The new legislation aims to stop the increasing trend of drugged-out drivers who are frequently the cause of road deaths and accidents in Cyprus.

The new legislation  empowers all uniformed members of the Police Force  to collect a saliva sample from any driver in Cyprus.

If the driver is found to be under the influence of drugs the Courts may impose a penalty of up to €3.500 in fine and imprisonment up to three years. The Courts have also power to disqualify a driver from driving and suspend the driving licence for a maximum of three years.

It is also noted that a driver’s refusal to provide a specimen for analysis to the Police also constitutes an offence punishable by the Law.

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